On July 1, 2014 in Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada adopted a new version of the “Law on Higher Education” (Law of Ukraine “On Education for Education”). Instead of the academic degree “Candidate of sciences”, the academic degree “Doctor of Philosophy” (“PhD”) is now introduced, which greatly simplifies not only translation of the diploma into foreign languages, but also gives an opportunity to receive this qualification in any country if meeting entry requirements. Thus, citizens from other countries who have Master degree can get a PhD in Ukraine. The term of study is 4 years and foreign students can apply throughout the year.

List of the required documents:

  • application form
  • Master degree certificate
  • essay about scientific research
  • list of scientific articles
  • international passport

In order to become a student of PhD courses, you must pass successfully following exams:

  • exam in the basic specialty;
  • if another specialty is indicated on Master degree diploma, it is necessary to take additional testing.

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